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Eric Perardi is a real estate developer and entrepreneur based in Austin, Texas. As President and founder of Perardi Development, he has been instrumental in reimagining and bringing premier medical facilities to the Austin area. Trailblazing a recent trend that prioritizes function and community, his buildings are designed with one thing in mind: who and how people will use them. 

Perardi Development’s medical offices are incredibly unique in that they offer the physicians who work there a stake in the business. What’s more, the buildings’ multi-tenant design allows patients the convenience to go to one place to meet all their medical needs. To date, the company has built 36 of these specialty buildings with more planned for the future. 

Eric’s people-first approach to real estate may be attributed to the fact that his professional past is rich and varied. After attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for Industrial and Management Engineering on a hockey scholarship, Eric changed his course and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams of film writing and acting.  However, he found himself drawn to real estate development after an opportunity arose in Austin, Texas and a firsthand experience in residential construction and renovation management.  

After having gained experience in investing and developing several medical office properties in the Austin area, he took an entrepreneurial leap into his own development company and is slowly transforming his community into a better, more connected place. His past life in hockey and the lessons it taught him—that hard work equals success—have paid off. Eric Perardi and Perardi Development’s latest project is The Crossover, a 240,000 sq. ft. indoor sports complex featuring multiple tenants, restaurants, and medical facilities. 

As a parent, athlete, and busy entrepreneur, Eric understands that time is precious. He hopes that The Crossover gives people the chance to spend time with their families, but also on themselves. What’s more, the facility hosts a multitude of local retailers, creating a synergistic relationship between consumers and tenants. 

The Crossover symbolizes everything Eric Perardi believes in—pride, community, and hard work. He feels incredibly privileged to be a part of the stories that will someday take place inside its walls. He and his team at Perardi Development already have plans to expand the sports facility into other locations including San Antonio, Houston, and Nashville.



Perardi Development

Eric Perardi founded the company in 2016 and is the Principal Owner. Since then, they have pioneered a new kind of medical office building—one that prioritizes patient convenience and allow the physicians a stake in the company. 

Hat Trick Development

Eric Perardi is the cofounder of Hat Trick Development, etablished in 2014. Specializing in Medical Real Estate Development, Hat Trick’s mission is to redevelop communities one goal at a time. 

Arise Capital Investments

At Arise, Eric was in charge of the marketing for all current and future projects. He also oversaw leasing, equity raises, and all of the bank financing for the company. 


  • Division 1 Scholarship for Ice Hockey
  • ECAC Ice Hockey Campions – 1995
  • Engineering Honor Society



Eric Perardi graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1995. There, he obtained a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Industrial Engineering and was inducted into the Engineering Honor Society for his exemplary work. 

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